MR Product Corporation

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we are MR



We are a design professional writing instrument manufacturer that exports to more than
30 countries including Disneyland in Paris.

Mirim Corporation was established in 1986 and started producing character design ballpoint pens in 1990.
It is a company specializing in writing instruments that has been certified both domestically and internationally.
In 1996, he won the $1 million export tower and moved to the Southeast Industrial Complex in Incheon with the latest facilities.
We make better writing instruments (ballpoint pens, neutral pens, water-based pens, sharpeners).

We hope to become a company that gives dreams and hopes to young people both at home and abroad.
All the employees are working hard to make the writing tools they want.


  • vision_1

    We will only create PENs hat the new generation likes through various designs and pursuit of new senses.

  • vision_2

    We always strive to make pens with the latest equipment and excellent writing and stability.

  • vision_3

    We proud to create colorful and beautiful character products with the world's best design PEN.

Design and Make
Your Own Perfect Pen
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